5 Essential Things/Steps to Know Before Setting up a Website

Here are some essential things to know before choosing your domain name(s), choosing a hosting provider, and determining your website needs. Don't start a web site without knowing these basics.

8 Tips Choosing the Top Level Domain (TLD)

TLD stands for top-level domain. In case you plan to build a professional website, Here are some useful tips you should consider when choosing your domain name.

Top Level Domains and Subdomains

A website domain is the name you type into your browser to get to a particular website. Domains take the form “www.example.com”.

The Top-Level Domain Names

The official list of all top-level domains is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Basically there are two types of top-level domains: generic (also known as global) and country code. Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) were created to be used by the Internet public, while country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) were created to be used by each individual country, as they deem necessary.